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California social media investigator

We conduct social media investigations and monitor online social media activity

Our social media investigators are able to use social media searches as a resource when investigating online social media activity. We research to find both private and public information within the content of the subject’s individualized profile on social networks. Investigating and montoring a person’s activity on social networking sites can help you make informed decisions on who you are bringing into your school, office or home.

Social media is a valuable investigative tool when seeking evidence or information about individuals or cases including missing persons, workers compensation fraud claims, wanted persons, gang participation, recruitment and crimes perpetrated online such as cyberbullying or identity theft.

A vast amount of information about criminal activity is available online through videos, photos and texts posted by criminals and witnesses. We can analysis personal data from search engines, social media, public records and the deep web. Findings from social network services may be used in legal and criminal investigations.

Reasons for hiring a social media investigator:

  • Stalking and harassment
  • Identity fraud and theft
  • Technical discovery
  • Standard investigation lead development
  • Anti-pedophile investigation
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Company policy violations
  • Identity verification
  • Alias vetting
  • Subject character development
  • Accomplices discovery
  • Probation violations
  • Other court order violations
  • Criminal case purposes
  • Criminal enticement
  • Civil enticement
  • Sting operations
  • Intellectual property theft

Information available in a social media investigation:

  • Background information – (i.e. age/gender /general location etc.)
  • Direct contact – (i.e. co-workers, friends, family etc.)
  • Conversations – (i.e. Posts, Comments etc.)
  • Photos – (i.e. directly and indirectly related to subject)
  • Messages – (i.e. blogs, group conversations, tweets etc.)
  • Associations – (i.e. school, career, clubs, groups etc.)
  • Personal preferences – (i.e. links, music, “likes,” brands etc.)\
  • Personal “views” – (i.e. political, religious etc.)

Note: Details vary depending on the type of social media site researched and specific profile and system security settings set in place.

Millions of individuals share personal information in social media forums every day and often reveal information that can be very useful about a subject. Our social media investigators can usually gain access to public information and private information within the content of social media pages and profiles, which may include photos, conversations, messages, others within the network, and more depending on what social media network and system is being utilized. Our private investigators have also been successful in setting up online sting operations and can in many circumstances, infiltrate sub-networks in which subjects belong.